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Course Requirements - Exercise Sports Science

Suggested Course Sequence


GECC Area I - Faith and Reason 100/200
GECC Area III - ENG 101: College Writing and Research I
GECC Area VII - BIO 103: General Biology I with Lab
EXSC 101: Foundations in Exercise Sports Science
FYE 100: Freshman Year Experience I

GECC Area V - ENG 102: College Writing and Research II
GECC Area V - LS 100: Architecture of Information
GECC Area VI - CS 103: Intro to Adv. Computer Applications
GECC Area VII - MATH 160: College Algebra
BIO 104: General Biology II with Lab
FYE 101: Freshman Year Experience II


GECC Area II - Ethics, Values and Truth
GECC Area III - Communication and Expression
GECC Area IV - Critical and Analytical Thinking
EXSC 102: Principles of Health Nutrition and Weight Management
BIO 205: Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab

GECC Area VIII - Global Consciousness I
GECC Liberal Arts 1 - PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychology
GECC Liberal Arts 2 - MATH 161: Pre-Calculus
EXSC 201: Health and Fitness
BIO 206: Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab


GECC Area I - RELS 303: Religion and Psychology
GECC Area VIII - Global Consciousness II
EXSC 205: Exercise Physiology with Lab
CHEM 103: General Chemistry I with Lab

CHEM 104: General Chemistry II with Lab
PHYS 103: General Physics I with Lab
EXSC 210: Principles of Strength Training and Conditioning
GECC Liberal Arts 3


MGT 230: Introduction to Sports Management
BIO 311: Cell and Molecular Biology with Lab
EXSC 310: Exercise Biomechanics
EXSC 340: Therapeutic Principles
Major-related Elective I

EXSC 320: Stress Assessment and Exercise Prescriptions
with Lab
EXSC 450: Research in Exercise Sports Science
EXSC 452: Internship
Major-related Elective
General Elective or Internship (optional)