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Bachelor's Completion in Cybersecurity

Are you ready to play a role in the development of network security systems and protocols that will defend the nation’s information

Data breaches have become a common occurrence, with the number of cyberattacks growing at a rate of about 18 percent annually. Organizations across every industry need skilled professionals who can combat the growing threat of web-based crime. Master the fundamentals of digital forensics and investigations, network security, cryptography, and managing information security systems.

Points of Interest

  • Complete the program in 24 months if you have an associate degree. Students without an associate degree will take additional required courses offered in the evenings through the adult degree completion program.
  • Learn both theory and the technical skills required to strategically assess, plan, design, and implement effective cybersecurity defenses in the public and private sectors.
  • Designed for the working student!
    Complete two courses every eight weeks – one course is offered online and the other is offered one night a week on site at Felician’s campus.
  • Tuition rate: 30% lower than traditional Felician undergraduate rate. You may qualify for financial aid if you maintain full-time student status.
  • Veteran students – guaranteed 12-month, full-time enrollment for full BAH.

Certificate in Information Assurance and Computer Security

  • Optional 6-course certificate program prepares you to work in technological fields related to cybersecurity with fundamental IAS knowledge and skills.
  • Learn to deal with various security attacks on computers or on the internet and develop plans to defend the information infrastructure of an organization.

Required Courses

Follow this link to view Bachelor's Completion in Cybersecurity Program required courses.