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Sample Schedule - BS in Business Administration -
Felician @ Sussex


Felician Course

Fundamentals of Marketing

Fundamentals of Management

College Algebra

Principles of Financial Accounting I

Principles of Managerial Accounting



Business Law I

Business Law II

Sussex Course

BUSA 220

BUSA 211

MATH 110 -  Precalculus

ACCT 101

ACCT 102

ECON 101

ECON 102

BUSA 205

BUSA 206

BACHELOR’S YEAR ONE - 27 credits

Junior Year - Spring I

Human Resource Management - onsite hybrid

Consumer Behavior - online

Junior Year - Spring II

Ethics in the Corporate Environment - onsite hybrid

Organizational Behavior -  online

Junior Year - Summer I

Corporate Financial Management – onsite hybrid

Senior Year - Fall I

Introduction to Research and Analysis Using Statistics – onsite hybrid

World Religions – online

Senior Year - Fall II

Business Policy - onsite hybrid  

International Business - online

BACHELOR’S YEAR TWO - 12 credits

Senior Year - Spring I

Leadership for the 21st Century – onsite hybrid 

Making Moral Decisions – online                      

Senior Year - Spring II

Organizational Performance and Ethics – onsite hybrid

Business Capstone - online

*Some of these course requirements may be fulfilled through approved courses at SCCC.

Please note:

Additional coursework may be required to reach the minimum of 120 credits to receive B.S. degree.

Up to 90 credits may be transferred to Felician University.

At least 30 credits must be taken from Felician University - at least half of these required 30 credits must be in the major.