School of Nursing holds White Coat Ceremony

School of Nursing holds White Coat Ceremony

Some 200 School of Nursing sophomores were “coated,” in a White Coat Ceremony Wednesday, October 16 on the Lodi Campus.

The White Coat Ceremony, or WCC, marks a nursing student’s transition from pre-clinical to clinical studies. Sophomores carried their white lab coats over their left arms as they walked to the stage, then in a meaningful rite of passage, junior and senior nursing students symbolically “dressed” the students in their lab coats. Nursing student Julia Pesler said, “It feels good. I am ready to start the journey as a nurse.” A journey which Dr. Christina Mihal, Dean of the Nursing School, told students, “will at times be challenging, as there will be bumps in the road.”

The White Coat Ceremony originated with medical schools, and has been adopted by many nursing schools including Felician, which has both a traditional four year Bachelor of Science Nursing program, as well as a “hybrid,” or an accelerated program, which involves both online work, and clinical lab time in Parsippany.

Students from both groups were represented at the Ceremony, and Dean Mihal told them, “Patients have a story to tell and there are patients who will remember you for their entire lives, and patients you will remember for your entire life. Never forget the impact you have with each and every interaction.”

Many of the students at the WCC said they knew they wanted to pursue nursing careers from an early age. “I knew I since I was young,” said Nicole Streppone of Saddle Brook. “I’ve had Grandparents in the hospital and I’ve always been fascinated by it and that made me want to help people, and work in a hospital.”

The nursing students must complete two more years of training before they graduate and earn their nursing pins. “I am proud, beamed Joyce Assangalisah, “I have been waiting so long.”

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