New Campus Gaming Room

Gamers' Garrison
Gamers are discovering one of the most fun places on the Rutherford campus - the new Gamers' Garrison in the Castle Cavern. Here's what you need to know about the new facility and video gaming stations:
  • Five gaming desktops with 30”+ gaming monitors, Corsair gaming keyboards and mice. All tested games can be played on ULTRA with no lag or dropped frames.
  • Two console stations for students to bring their own consoles to plug in and play. Space is also provided for students to bring their own computers and equipment
  • Internet in the 150mbs+ upload, 150mbs+ download, under 10ms ping.
  • Students can install games from their own gaming profiles, with permission from Staff.
  • Students are employed in the space to lend equipment and monitor the space.

More than 20 students play games together in the video gaming club, which includes international and domestic students, male and female. As video gaming continues to gain popularity across college campuses, Felician hopes to develop a program for e-sports club sport competition.