A Message from President Anne M. Prisco

August 6, 2019

Once again, this past weekend we were reminded of the incomprehensible nature of evil and its impact on all of us. Once again, we heard and read about mass shootings in two more American cities. Once again, we are now hearing the stories of the lives lost and the words of those who survived. Once again, our hearts break for the victims and their friends and families who now struggle to understand why their loved ones are not coming home.

The Bishop of El Paso, Texas (Bishop Mark J. Seitz) has spoken about the lack of compassion, generosity and respect for human dignity that has shown us “the face of evil” in these acts. Bishop Seitz says that mass shootings demonstrate “the effects of the sinful and insipid conviction that some of us are better than others of us because of race, religion, language or nationality”. While we may rightly feel anger, frustration, and sadness, we know that returning evil for evil is contrary to our Felician Franciscan way of being in relationship as together we strive to form a Beloved Community that celebrates our diversity and uniqueness.

Our Felician core values call us to knowing and living in compassionate, generous ways that demonstrate a respect for human dignity. Here at Felician University we can work together to exchange good for evil by ensuring our way of talking with one another models respect for the human person and promotes peace and justice. I challenge each of us to be examples of living in right relationship with one another each day as we work in peaceful collaboration for the common good. Let us continue to be a community that celebrates our diversity, recognizing that our individual differences and unique gifts can help us to move forward in ways that can be transformative for ourselves and for the communities in which we live and work.

Our hearts join all those who mourn the loss of loved ones as we all mourn the dismantling of the values we hold dear as a nation. As St Francis of Assisi would say as a sign of friendship upon approaching a stranger “Peace and Good”.