Male Empowerment Summit

Felician University’s Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program, along with the Psi Sigma Phi Multicultural Fraternity and Alpha Delta Gamma Fraternity recently hosted a Male Empowerment Summit.  The motivational event, titled, “Being Unstoppable isn’t a Talent, it’s a Mindset,” focused on uplifting and inspiring the Felician male students and their future professional careers. Invited panelists shared outlooks, intimate details of their lives and personal anecdotes.

The Summit began with a keynote address from Mr. Gil Medina, Executive Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Group in Saddle Brook.  Mr. Medina initiated the conversation with inspirational details of his upbringing, trials and tribulations, along with his noteworthy success.  The longevity and status of his career served as a great source of encouragement and reassurance for the EOF community.

An all-male panel followed Mr. Medina’s discussion.  The additional panelists included a wide range of men, including EOF professionals from Rutgers University, Montclair University and New Jersey City University; an academic and career advisor from William Paterson University; and several Felician University alumni.  The panelists were prompted with questions pertaining to life lessons, turning points, experiences and influences they encountered and how these shaped their careers, outlooks and overall character.  It was truly an amazing experience and captured everyone’s attention and hearts. 

The Summit was a success, with students gaining motivation and the understanding that although you will face challenges, overcoming those obstacles is what life is about.  Multiple students participated in a question and answer segment, and even left with business cards for future communication.  Overall, our scholars departed the event invigorated for the future and excited for what awaits them!

To view the video (from Felician’s Youtube channel) of Male Empowerment Summit, please click here.