Felician University Joins RaiseMe Platform to Help Students Finance Their Education

Felician University is pleased to announce a new scholarship program offering prospective students the ability to secure up to $40,000 in merit scholarships throughout the course of their high school career. Through an online platform called RaiseMe, students can earn micro-scholarships from Felician University for a wide range of both academic and extracurricular activities. Awards include:

● $100 for each A in any core course (up to a $1,000 maximum)

● $200 for every non-sport extracurricular activity per school year (up to $2,000 maximum)

● $1,500 for a campus visit to Felician University

● $400 for completing the FAFSA in senior year

RaiseMe was developed as a result of the fact that most scholarships and grants are awarded by colleges only at the very end of each high schooler’s career. Often times, this can be too late to impact a student’s college ambitions or choices. Students’ cumulative micro-scholarship earnings reflect the minimum amount of merit aid a student will receive from Felician University upon successful completion of the application and acceptance process.

“We are excited to support future students and their families as they maneuver through their educational journey and learn more about how they can afford to finance their college education,” said Vice President of Enrollment Management at Felician University, Steve Goetsch. “Personally, I think it is extremely important for students to be inspired and motivated as they progress towards the next step in their education.”

RaiseMe is free for students and provides a free portal for high school counselors to help students track their progress. Begin earning micro-scholarships from Felician University now on RaiseMe by signing up here: www.raise.me/join/felician.

About Felician University

Felician University is a Catholic Franciscan University with campuses in Rutherford and Lodi, New Jersey. Founded in 1942 and sponsored by the Felician Sisters, Felician offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs in the Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, and Nursing. Felician has been ranked as the number three Private University in New Jersey for Return on Investment (ROI) by payscale.com and ranked as the number one Safest Campus in N.J. by Niche.com.

About RaiseMe

RaiseMe has a mission to make higher education more accessible by rethinking the way college scholarships are awarded. Since 2014, when RaiseMe launched, students have been awarded over $2 billion in scholarships; all of them from two-thirds of the high schools across America. For more information, visit www.raise.me.