Felician University Hosted Inaugural Conference of the Latino/a Mental Health Association of New Jersey

Felician University hosted the inaugural conference of the Latino/a Mental Health Association of New Jersey (LMHANJ) on Friday, February 2, 2018.

Founded in 1999, the Latino/a Mental Health Association of New Jersey, formerly the Latino Psychological Association of New Jersey, is committed to addressing the mental health needs of Latinos by supporting mental health professionals through the advancement of training, treatment, research, and mentorship, and by advocating for the well-being of the Latino community.

“It was an honor to host the first conference of the Latino Mental Health Association of NJ,” said Dr. Peter Economou, Psychologist and Associate Professor at Felician University. “Mental health is extremely important in today’s society, and I was honored to be in the presence of the state’s psychology leaders who are not only making a difference in the lives of Latino/a people, but all people.”

The conference focused on the interchange of ideas and information empowering Latino/a serving mental health providers and researchers. It included a roundtable discussion, symposium, poster session, several workshops, and a keynote presentation by Milton Fuentes, PsyD, President LMHANJ, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Research Academy for University Learning, Montclair State University.