Felician University Dedicates Chair of Honor

Felician University dedicated two POW/MIA Chairs of Honor, one for each campus, to symbolize the sacrifice and dedication of our armed forces. The event, held in the Lodi Campus Obal Hall Lobby, featured a ceremony to honor the memory of those in our community who have not returned from various wars. Since World War I, over 91,000 American soldiers are still unaccounted for. The Chair of Honor is part of a national program that acts as a symbol to remind communities that there are still missing service men and women, and for hope that one day they will return and fill the empty seats.

Wednesday's event was arranged by Regina Coyle in honor of the late James F. Coyle who served in the U.S. Navy during WWII. The event opened with a welcoming from the university's president, Dr. Anne Prisco, and featured heartfelt speeches by Regina Coyle, Dr. Ronald Gray, and U.S. Army veteran Joseph Wisneski. The event also introduced for the first time Felician University's own Gospel Group, who sang the national anthem. Towards the end of the ceremony, Taps was played by U.S. Army veteran Willie Johnson and the colors were retired by the Lyndhurst Veterans Alliance Color Guard. Afterwards guests had the opportunity to meet and speak with the honored guests and speaker.  A memorial flower garden and plaque installed on both campuses were donated by Diane Sedlmeir and Patrick Dezort.

For more information about the Chair of Honor Program, visit the POW/MIA Chair of Honor website.

For more information about Felician's programs for returning service members, visit the Veteran's Services website or contact Diane Sedlmeir at 201-559-6102.