Felician Dedicates “Ray’s Place"

Group at Ray's Room Naming

Thursday, February 16, 2017 was a special day on the Rutherford campus, as more than 100 people gathered to witness the naming of Room 103 in Ed Commons as “Ray’s Place, Bramucci Unity Hall.”

It was a day of remembrance, community, and love as stories about Ray Bramucci, a long time Felician supporter and member of the Board of Trustees, were told that highlighted his giving spirit and his many contributions to Felician and to the people of the state of NJ.

Dr. Anne Prisco, Felician president, welcomed everyone and said, “Everyone in this room has a great love and admiration for Ray and we are so pleased that we have all come together today in Ray’s honor to name this room.  Many years of Felician students will be inspired by Ray’s story while they enjoy this beautiful space. It will forever commemorate Ray’s many years of dedication to the students of Felician and his belief in the value of a higher education.”

Steve Adubato, television broadcaster, author, motivational speaker and long-time friend of Ray served as master of ceremonies. He entertained the audience with anecdotes of the wonderful man that Ray was. His reminiscences elicited many laughs from the crowd, and, of course, a few tears.

This project began when a committee was formed after Ray’s passing in September 2015 at the age of 80 to raise money to dedicate a space at Felician that would be a permanent remembrance to Ray. The large gathering room in the newly-refurbished Ed Commons was determined to be the perfect place to honor Ray, the man who spent his career bringing people together.

Senator Bill Bradley and Chris Swenson, long-time friend of Ray and fellow Felician Trustee, along with Steve Adubato served as co-chairs of this endeavor. They worked along with many of Ray’s friends and co-workers to raise the funds necessary for this dedication. They also created a website, raybramucci.com, which houses information on Ray’s years working with the unions, as a member of Bill Bradley’s senate staff, state labor commissioner, and the assistant federal labor secretary under President Bill Clinton.

Ray Bramucci was much loved and will be remembered at Felician University whenever anyone enters “Ray’s Place.