Dr. Anne Prisco receives Mother Italy Statue Recognition

Dr. Anne Prisco was named the recipient of the Mother Italy Statue Recognition for 2017 by the Italian Heritage and Culture Committee of New York (IHCC) in cooperation with the Consulate General of Italy.

Dr. Prisco received the Mother Italy Statue Recognition at the site of the eponymous work of art, located at Hunter College in Manhattan, during IHCC’s annual Mother’s Day tribute.

The bronze sculpture was created by Giuseppe Massari in 1953 and is “Dedicated to the Italian immigrant....symbolic of mothers of every nationality who sent their children to build a nation of immigrants, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the equality of all those who came, and of those yet to come."

“This tremendous honor means so much to me, not just as the child of immigrants, but also as the president of a university that helps many first-generation Americans to realize their dreams,” said Dr. Prisco. “At Felician, our mission is to make the American Dream accessible to all – by providing students from any background with the skills they need to succeed and flourish as adults.”

Dr. Prisco joined fellow honorees from the Italian American Institute at Queens College, CUNY, the Columbus Citizen’s Foundation, and newspaper America Oggi. She will be celebrating five years as president of Felician University on July 1, 2017 as the first lay person to hold the position.