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Global Peace & Justice Studies Requirements

Suggested Courses for the Concentration in Global Peace and Justice Studies

Multidisciplinary Core

Completion of 15 credits in either Humanities Core or Social and Behavioral Sciences Core:

Humanities Core
Art History
Literatures in English I or II
Music Appreciation or World Music
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Catholic Theology

Social and Behavioral Sciences Core
Introduction to Psychology
Sociological Theory
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Introduction to Political Science or American Government
History (100-200)

Multidisciplinary Focus

Select 18 credits from the following courses
Ethics in the Corporate Environment
Philosophical Issues in Criminal Justice
Special Topics in English (e.g., Violence in the American novel, War and peace in literature)
English – Magic & Empire Around the World
Introduction to Environmental Science
World Geography and Culture
Global Issues in Health Care and Social Policy
Franciscan Philosophical Thought
Moral Philosophy
History of Ancient Political Thought
History of Modern Political Thought
Islam and the West
Business Ethics
Philosophy of Law
International Relations
The Developing World
Living and Working Overseas
Multicultural Perspectives in Psychology
Comparative World Religions
The Holocaust: History and Theology
Peace, Justice and Contemporary Social Issues
Cultural Diversity
Social Stratification and Inequality in the U.S.
Global Problems and Perceptions of Capitalism
Social Change
Terrorism and Political Violence
Social Movements

Senior United Nations Sequence – 6 credits
United Nations Seminar
United Nations Fellows Program

*Writing Emphasis (WE) Course

PLEASE NOTE: Course offerings are subject to change