Terry McAteer, MFA

Field(s) of Interest/Expertise

Prof. McAteer has a keen interest, developed over many years of studying, writing, filmmaking, and teaching,  in helping students engage in the understanding and telling of coherent and intriguing stories, based in fact or the imagination, in all media.  He believes it is only through a carefully articulated comprehension of the narratives which surround us in our daily lives that we can fully and harmoniously live in the world.

Courses Taught at Felician University

Cinema and Literature

Detective Fiction

Film Analysis

The Films of Alfred Hitchcock

History of the Motion Picture: Documentary Films

History of the Motion Picture: Fiction Films


Identity: Crisis & Development in a Cultural Context

Introduction to Study of Literature

Journey to Selfhood

Mass Media

Propaganda in Mass Media

Public Speaking

Science Fiction

Screenwriting I & II

The Short Story

Standards and Practices in Journalism and the Media

Videomaking I, II, & III

Writing the College Essay


• The Bookshop • Emily • Emily’s Song (also Associate Producer) • Grandmother • Last Chance, with Steven B. Carosso • Mark of the Beast • Night Shift • Payback • Playback • Rio Libre • Death of Mr. Edwards, The • The Shroud
Theatrical Director
• Avenging Grace • October Twilight
• Movin’ • October Twilight
Office Location:
Little Theatre Annex
Contact Phone:
(201) 507-0613


MFA, Columbia University (1976)
MA Boston College (1970)

Positions Held

Instructor to Associate Professor, Felician College (1997- present)
Adjunct Professor, Boston College, Adelphi Academy, NYIT, Columbia University, Adelphi
University, Borough of Manhattan Community College (1970-1999)