Peter Craft, PhD

Dr. Craft was born in Indiana, and he has lived in Illinois, Washington, D.C., and Belgium, where he learned to speak fluent French as a Rotary Exchange Student. He enjoys reading, traveling, exercising, movies, guitar, singing, and Italian food.

Field(s) of Interest/Expertise

Dr. Craft studies early modern and eighteenth-century literature. He particularly enjoyed spending a summer at the Folger Shakespeare Library with a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).

Courses Taught at Felician University

CORE 375 Journey to Selfhood
ENG 101 Writing the College Essay
ENG 102 Introduction to the Study of Literature
ENG 215 The Drama
ENG 325 Milton
ENG 330 Eighteenth-Century Literature


Warfare, Trade, and “Indians” in British Literature, 1652-1771
This study argues that Peter Heylyn’s critically neglected voyage narrative compilation (1652, eight editions before 1700) reveals vastly different British perceptions of “Indian” inhabitants of the Mughal Empire and the Americas. Current scholarship about literary depictions of wealth, power, and ethnicity in works by Milton, Behn, Dryden, and Defoe will therefore be reassessed in relation to Heylyn’s Cosmographie and the contemporary voyage narratives that shaped British views of “Indians.”
‘The Doves Are Censured, While the Crows Are Spared’: Steele’s 1711 Inkle and Yarico Adaptation.
Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies (forthcoming, 19 manuscript pages).
Peter Heylyn’s Seventeenth-Century English Worldview.
Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History (forthcoming, 27 manuscript pages).
The Contemporary Popular Reception of Shadwell’s A True Widow
Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Theatre Research 24.1 (2009): 5-16
Dryden’s Transformation of Bernier’s Travels
Restoration: Studies in English Literary Culture, 1660-1700_ 33.2 (2009): 47-55
Theodore de Bry’s Engraving of an Amerindian Ritual Folger Institute, 31 May 2011. Web. 12 June 2011.
Annotation of “Re-reading the Exclusion Crisis
by Elizabeth Clarke. Routledge’s Annotated Bibliography of English Studies, 03 Apr. 2009. Web. 17 Oct. 2009
Annotation of “‘About Savages and the Awfulness of America’: Colonial Corruptions in Humphry Clinker
by Tara Ghoshal Wallace. Routledge’s Annotated Bibliography of English Studies, 30 Aug. 2008. Web. 17 Oct. 2009.
Assistant Professor Peter Craft
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Kirby Hall Room 328
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PhD, M.A., University of Illinois
BA, Hanover College

Positions Held

Felician College, Assistant Professor of English, 2011-present
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), English Lecturer, 2010-2011
University of Indianapolis, English Lecturer, 2010-2011
University of Illinois, Liebmann Fellow, 2007-2010; English Instructor, 2001-2007