Michael Sanford, PhD

Courses Taught at Felician University

MT 002 Basic Skills in Mathematics (Algebra)

MT 110 Math for Financial Decision Making

MT 122 Statistics

MT 161 Precalculus

MT 231 Geometry I

MT 262 Calculus I

MT 263 Calculus II

MT 332 History of Mathematics

MT 365 Differential Equations

MT 491, 492 Mathematics Project


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“The Chaos of Arcadia,”
Program insert for the Marymount Manhattan College Production of the Tom Stoppard play Arcadia, (2004).
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Office Location:
Kirby Hall 213
Contact Phone:
(201) 559-6128


PhD, MS, BS, Montana State University-Bozeman

Positions Held

Felician College, Associate Professor (2005-present)
Mary Mount Manhattan College, Assistant Professor (2004-2005)
Saint Francis University, Assistant Professor (2003-2004)
Felician College, Assistant Professor (1998-2003)