Michael Omansky, MBA

A highly educated marketing and general management executive, Michael Omansky has been extremely effective in the development and management of strategic business initiatives. Working in the entertainment and consumer products industries, Mr. Omansky has consistently developed creative approaches to increase revenue and market share. A team builder and effective communicator, he has demonstrated the ability to leverage synergies among companies to effectively influence customers.

Skilled at developing market opportunities while controlling expenditures, Mr. Omansky has aggressively increased revenue by establishing mutually beneficial promotions with top consumer companies. Not merely focused on short-term sales, he has been able to achieve these significant accomplishments while expanding markets to generate long-term growth and profit.

In February 2005, Mr. Omansky took on a new challenge in becoming Chief Executive Officer of Digiview Entertainment, a rapidly growing manufacturer and distributor of dvd's, music cd's, and related products. In his first year, sales grew 68% versus prior year, and he made significant changes in financial reporting, creative services, electronic billing, warehousing and shipping, etc. 

In 2002, Mr. Omansky had re-started Worldwide Entertainment Marketing, a marketing and promotion company he founded and ran from 1991 to 1995. At a time when start-ups were failing in large numbers, Mr. Omansky orchestrated a series of successful promotions with major consumer companies while providing retained consulting services for EMI Music, Bertelsmann and Select Records. He continued in that capacity until early 2005, when he joined Digiview Entertainment.

A different challenge was presented to Mr. Omansky when he was the Senior Vice President at the Bertelsmann Music Group / RCA Records. At that time, RCA was in possession of a very valuable but very underutilized asset: the Elvis Presley music franchise. The RCA contract from 1984 stated that RCA could not use the Elvis image on anything but an album cover without the approval of the Presley estate.

Mr. Omansky wanted to use Elvis Presley in commercials. The estate would not approve because under the terms of the contract, the estate would get no money from RCA. Working with RCA and the Presley estate, Mr. Omansky formed an alliance that equitably divided the proceeds and opened up licensing possibilities to include commercials. He landed the first multi-million dollar Elvis commercial and increased licensing profits at RCA by 30% over two years.

Mr. Omansky’s diverse, yet progressive, career path has given him a broad based perspective and a wealth of experience. He has consistently increased sales and profits by developing a variety of unique marketing promotions. Seeing revenue opportunities where others do not has been the hallmark of his career and he has a long track record of repositioning products to maximize revenue.

Mr. Omansky was awarded an MBA degree from the Columbia Graduate School of Business and a BS in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

He is an Associate Professor at Felician College, where he teaches graduate business courses. He has previously taught at Manhattan College, Ramapo College, Daemen College, and Baruch College.

Courses Taught at Felician University

  • MBA/ENT 599 - Capstone Experience
  • MBA/ENT 595 - Competency Portfolio Review and Assessment
  • MBA/ENT540 - Innovation & Adaptation
  • MBA/ENT510 - Leadership for the 21st Century
  • MBA/ENT550 - Special Topics
  • MBA/ENT502 - Corporate Entrepreneurship and Creativity
  • MBA/ENT573 - International Management
  • MBA/ENT505 - New Product Development
  • MBA/MKT571 - Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • BU/NU501 - Advanced Business Dimensions of Healthcare
  • MKT420 -  Product Management
  • MGT420 -  Business Dimensions of Health Care
  • MKT490  - Business Policy


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Associate Professor Michael Omansky
Office Location:
Martin Hall, Room 113
Contact Phone:
(201) 559-3311


MBA, Columbia Graduate School of Business
BS, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania