Maria Vecchio, PhD

Born in Corona, New York, I graduated from the former Holy Cross Academy on 42nd Street and 8th Avenue in New York City over fifty years ago. I settled with my husband in New Jersey and am a grandmother of three.

Field(s) of Interest/Expertise

Europe from the French Revolution to the Present. Women’s History, Latin America, United States from the American Revolution through the Cold War.

Courses Taught at Felician University

HIST 101 Ancient Societies through the Middle Ages

HIST 103 The Age of Nationalism

HIST 104 World War I to the present

HIST 110 World Geography and Culture

HIST 130 Honors The Enlightenment

HIST 210 The Family in American History

HIST 220 Latin America

HIST 315 Women in History

HIST 340 Aging in America

HIST 420 The Renaissance

PSCI 101 Introduction to Political Science


Dissertation: The Influence of Republican Ideology on New Yorkers, 1775-1801: An Examination of the British Libertarian Heritage.
Voyages in World History
Listed in Acknowledgements for role in editing Valerie Hansen and Kenneth R. Curtis’s textbook, Voyages in World History, Wadsworth Cengage Learning, 2010.
Felician College Honors Program
in Peterson’s Guide to Honors Programs.
The Honors Program at Felician College
National Collegiate Honors Council Northeast Regional Newsletter, Fall 1994.
Formulating a One-Credit Honors Seminar
co-authored with Dr. Margaret Gardineer, Felician College, National College Honors Council Northeast Regional Newsletter, Fall 1994.
Chapter on English history and revisions in chapter on the French Revolution in Robin Winks’ textbook, World Civilization: a Brief History
Collegiate Press, 1992. Acknowledgement appears in List of Contributors.
High School and College Spanned Via Bridge Program
Paceworld, January-February, 1981.
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Kirby Hall 219
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(201) 559-6017
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PhD, Fordham University (1976)
MA, Fordham University (1972)
BS, Fordham University (1970)

Positions Held

Associate Professor of History, Felician University, 1985 to present
Academic Success Coach, Academic Success Center, 2017 to present
Director, Honors Program, Felician University, 1989-2014
Faculty Moderator, Model UN, 2004-2014
Adjunct (1972-1990): Pace University <br>Fordham University <br>New York Institute of Technology <br>Mercy College <br>College of Mount St. Vincent