Manuel Ferreira, EdD

Field(s) of Interest/Expertise

Quantitative Research in Mathematics

Education and Teaching and Learning Styles

Courses Taught at Felician University

MT 122 Statistics
MT 160 College Algebra
MT 710 Applied Biostatistics
ED 645 MS School Policy and Regulations


Review of article entitled " Adult Understanding of Addition and Subtraction Scenarios as Previously Learned in Elementary School."
for the Journal of Mathematical Behavior, Fall 2012.
Presented a paper entitled "Dyscalculia in English as a Second Language Students"
at the University of Florida at Jacksonville, Florida on June 14, 2012.
“Leadership in Higher Education: Is there a Modality Difference?”
Presented by Manuel J. Ferreira, Jr. Ed.D. December 2011, Journal of Educational Research and Administration at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.
“A New Approach to Staff Development: Clustering”
Presented by Manuel J. Ferreira, Jr. Ed.D. October 2003, New Jersey School Boards Association, Atlantic City, NJ
“What Works in Mathematics Education”
Presented by Manuel J. Ferreira, Jr. Ed.D. November 2003, New Jersey principals and Supervisors Association Annual Convention, Atlantic City, NJ
“Writing in the Mathematics Curriculum: A Tiered Approach”
Presented by Manuel J. Ferreira, jr. Ed.D. , Association for Curriculum Development Annal Convention, March 2004, New Orleans, LA.
“Senior Projects in Mathematics: The Pathway to a Productive Senior Year in High School.”
Presented by Manuel J. Ferreira, Jr. Ed.D. , New Jersey Association for Curriculum and Development Annual Meeting, March 2002.
“Keeping the Teacher in the Mathematics Classroom: A new Approach to Teacher education in Mathematics.”
Presented by Manuel J. Ferreira, Jr. Ed.D., Association for Curriculum and Development, March 2002, San Francisco, CA.
Assistant Professor Manuel Ferreira
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Kirby Hall 215
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(201) 559-6042


BA - Rutgers University
MA - Montclair University
EdD - Rutgers University