Irfan Khawaja, PhD

Field(s) of Interest/Expertise

Primary area of interest: Ethics. Secondary areas of interest: epistemology, political philosophy, interdisciplinary studies, Near East Studies.

Courses Taught at Felician University

CO 250, Applied Ethical Reasoning (including Honors section)
FYE 100/101, Freshman Year Seminar
PHIL 100, Critical Reasoning
PHIL 101, Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 260, Philosophy of Art
PHIL 301, General Ethics
PHIL 304, Theories of Knowledge
PHIL/PSCI 305, Ancient & Medieval Political Thought
PHIL 320, Philosophy of Law
PHIL/CRIM 380, Philosophical Issues in Criminal Justice
PHIL 445, Philosophical Method
PHIL 450, Senior Seminar

Office Location:
Kirby Hall 320
Contact Phone:
(201) 559-6000 x6288


PhD, University of Notre Dame
MA, University of Notre Dame
BA, Princeton University

Positions Held

Assistant Professor, Felician College (2008-present)
Adjunct Instructor, Felician College (2008)
Substitute Full-Time Instructor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice (2005-2007)
Adjunct Instructor, The College of New Jersey (1997-2005)
Lecturer, Princeton University (2002-2004)