George Abaunza, PhD

I was born in Managua, Nicaragua, and lived there until the earthquake of December 23, 1972. This chance occurrence changed my life forever. Within a week my parents decided to move their eight children (seven boys and one girl) to Miami, Florida, where I spent my formative years through college. I attended the University of Miami as a Biology major through the end of my sophomore year, the second semester of which I decided to take Introduction to Philosophy. Reading Plato, Hume, Nietzsche, and a few other great thinkers convinced me that philosophy was what I wanted to pursue. Before the semester was over I was officially a philosophy major, and the rest is history.

I earned my Bachelor's degree in Philosophy, along with minors in Religious Studies and Sociology from Florida International University in Miami. After completing all of my doctoral course work and passing my preliminary exams, I earned my Master's degree in Philosophy in 1995, en route to the Ph.D., from Florida State University in Tallahassee. While at FSU, I also pursued graduate-level course work in Sociology, Criminology, and Educational Foundations. In the Fall of 1996 I was offered a full-time position to teach in the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department at Bergen Community College, in beautiful New Jersey. Of course, at this point you're asking yourself what hundreds before you have asked: "Why leave Florida for New Jersey?" The simplest answer to that complicated question is that I love philosophy and I love to teach. So, I went where the currents that would allow me to do both would eventually take me.

After four years at Bergen I was hired at Felicia University. In the Summer of 2005 I completed and successfully defended my dissertation, Making Artists Of Us All: The Evolution Of An Educational Aesthetic, thus earning my doctorate from the Department of Philosophy at Florida State University.

Places traveled include Nicaragua (obviously), Canada, Cuba, Germany, Italy, Spain, Venezuela, and I've driven through just about every US State East of Colorado. In the last four years I've conducted summer trips with students to Nicaragua, where we have learned about and served various organizations including: schools, clinics, orphanages, and farming cooperatives. The travel is now the culmination of a spring semester course on the history and effects of capitalism. In addition, I am faculty moderator for Veritas (Philosophy Club) and the Environmental and Social Issues (EaSI) Club. I am also Board Member of the Felician University Ethics Institute, which sponsors annual events, including our Ethics Conference in the spring.

Field of Interest

My areas of specialization are Philosophy of Education and Social-Political Philosophy, but I also enjoy teaching Philosophy of Art, Philosophy & Literature, Existentialism, and the various History of Philosophy courses.

Courses Taught at Felician University

PHIL-100: Critical Reasoning
PHIL-101: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL-200: Philosophical Foundations of Education
PHIL-206: Ancient & Medieval Philosophy
PHIL-207: Modern Philosophy
PHIL-212: Nineteenth Century Philosophy
PHIL-260: Philosophy of Art (developed course)
PHIL-301: Moral Philosophy
PHIL-303: Existentialism
PHIL-306: History of Modern Political Thought
PHIL-309: Morality & the Pursuit of Happiness
PHIL-360: Philosophy & Literature
PHIL-395: Special Topics - The Pursuit of Happiness
PHIL-420: Independent Studies
PHIL-450: Senior Research Seminar
PSYC-201: Introduction to Child Development
SOC-305: Global Problems & Perceptions of Capitalism (includes Nicaragua Summer Travel
EDU-530: Philosophy for Teacher as Leader
ENT-530: Ethics & Social Responsibility


Making Artists of Us All: The Evolution of an Educational Aesthetic (2005)
Article: "Overindulgence: The Nemesis of Happiness"
in Veritas (Porto Alegre) Vol 54(1), 2009, 69-88.
Article: "The Relevance of the Metaphysics of Ortega y Gasset for Psychology" (with John Iuculano)
in Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, Vol 26 (1-2), 2006, 189-204.
Book Review: Doing School: How We Are Creating a Generation of Stressed Out, Materialistic, and Miseducated Students
Book Reviews - by Denise Clark Pope (Yale, 2003) in Metapsychology Online
Book Review: An Introduction to Philosophy of Education
by Robin Barrow & Ronald Woods (Routledge, 2006) in Metapsychology Online
Office Location:
Kriby Hall 314
Contact Phone:
(201) 559-6049
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PhD, Florida State University
MA, Florida State University
BA, Florida International University

Positions Held

Instructor/Assistant Professor/Associate Professor - Felician University ('00-Present)
Lecturer/Instructor - Bergen Community College ('96-'00)
Teaching Assistant/Instructor - Florida State University ('95-'96)