Donald Casey, PhD

Business Experience

AT&T Internet Services - Global Business Planning Director 1996 to 1999
AT&T Easylink Services - Global Electronic Messaging Services Director     1991 to 1995
Western Union Corporation - Director of External Affairs  1988 to 1990
ITT Communications Services - Director of Regulatory Affairs  1986 to 1987
ITT Communications Services - Assistant Vice President, Tariffs        1980 to 1985
RCA Global Communications - Administrator, Regulatory Affairs 1975 to 1979

Field(s) of Interest/Expertise

Ethics, Business Ethics, Critical Reasoning, Introduction to Philosophy, History of Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Art, Franciscan Philosophical Thought, Introduction to Systematic Theology, Introduction to the New Testament,  Sacramental Theology

Courses Taught at Felician University

PH 100 - Critical Reasoning
PH 101 - Introduction to Philosophy
PH 260 - Philosophy of Art
PH 207 - Modern Philosophy
PH 103 - Applied Family Ethics
PH 308 - Business Ethics
CORE 350 - Applied Ethical Reasoning
CORE 400 - Franciscan Vision
RS 502 - Sacramental Theology
RS 209 - Theological Issues
OM/BU 450 - Personal values
ENT 530 - Organizational Performance and Ethics


Franciscan Philosophical Thought
San Diego CA: University Readers, 2013
Rumi: Faith, Knowledge, Reason and Love
The Fountain, March-April, 2012
Lessons Learned at the Tombs of St. Francis of Assisi and Jalal Al Din Rumi
AFCU Journal March 2013
Professor Emeritus Donald Casey
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PhD Philosophy, St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO
STB, STL Systematic Theology, Gregorian University, Rome, Italy
BA, MA Philosophy Catholic University, Washington, DC

Positions Held

Felician College, Associate Professor to Professor (2000-2013)
Cathedral College Douglaston, NY, Assistant/Associate Professor, 1968-1975