Daniel Mahoney, EdD

Dr. Mahoney is native to New Jersey, born and raised in Hudson County.  He completed his doctoral training at Columbia University, Teachers College.  His doctoral dissertation examined a way to assess adult career maturity.  During his doctoral work he trained as an intern at the VA Hospital in Montrose, New York.  He remained at the hospital for thirteen years.  At the hospital he was given a young scientist research grant and studied problem solving/CBT for depressed and hospitalized men.  Dr. Mahoney returned for post-doctoral training at the Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity.  Since 1986, he has maintained a successful psychotherapy practice in Ridgewood, New Jersey.  In addition, he has been a psychological consultant to the Archdioceses of New York and Newark.  Dr. Mahoney is a licensed psychologist in New Jersey and New York and a certified psychoanalyst.

Curriculum Vitae

Field(s) of Interest/Expertise

Dr. Mahoney continues to be interested in self-psychology and intersubjectivity theory.  He has focused on the role of culture and spirituality in psychoanalysis. He is currently investigating the role of traditions in counseling and psychotherapy, and how subtle shifts in psychoanalytic work has occurred over time.  In addition, Dr. Mahoney is very active in the broader field of counselor training.  He is a founding member of the Council for Masters in Counseling Training Programs (CMCTP), a national organization that advocates for inclusivity in counselor preparation and social justice. The focus is to reduce artificial barriers to professional cooperation.

Courses Taught at Felician University

  • PSYC 530 Marriage and Family Counseling
  • PSYC 550 Personality and Counseling
  • PSYC 575 Internship I
  • PSYC 576 Internship II


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Professor Dan Mahoney
Office Location:
Kirby Hall 105
Contact Phone:
(201) 559-6161

Positions Held

Professor/ Director of the Master of Arts in Counseling Program, Felician University (2000 to present)
Chair of the Psychology Department, Felician University (2000-2009)
Adjunct Associate Professor, Fordham University Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education (2005-2010)
Faculty Member, Contemporary Center for Advanced Psychoanalytic Studies (2002 to 2012)
Adjunct Associate Professor, Felician University (2000)
Adjunct Associate Professor, St. Elizabeth’s College (1997)
Adjunct Clinical Supervisor, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University (1995-Present)
Clinical Instructor, New York Medical College, Department of Psychiatry (1988-1990)
Adjunct Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University (1980-1984)
Adjunct Faculty, Rockland Community College (1980)
Public School Teacher, Special Education Teacher (1973-1980)
Private Practice, Ridgewood, NJ (1986-Present)
Consulting Psychologist, Immaculate Conception Seminary Archdiocese of Newark (2012- Present)