Annette Rycharski, MS

Licenses Held

New Jersey Standard N-8 Certification, Elementary Education

New Jersey Standard Teacher of the Handicapped Certification

New York State Permanent Teacher Certification,

Nursery, Kindergarten, and Grades 1-6

New York State Permanent Special Education Certification,

Kindergarten through 12th Grade

New York City Substitute Teaching Certification,

Kindergarten through 6th Grade


  • The Art and Science of Mentoring Your Field Experience Student 2013

    “Voices from the Field”

    New Jersey Teacher Partnership for Mentor Preparation
  • Praxis Core Academic Skills Multi-State Study Panelist 2013
  • New Jersey Field Directors Forum 2012

    “Analysis of Clinical Experiences”
  • Wood-Ridge Public Schools Professional Development 2001

    “Cooperating Teachers Role and Responsibilities for Field Experiences and Student Teaching”

Awards and Honors

Kappa Delta Phi International Honor Society in Education – Inducted 1974

Summa Cum Laude Graduate – St. John’s University, 1975

St. John’s University Graduate Assistantship, School of Education – 1975-1977

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Council for Exceptional Children, St. John’s University, Founding Member and

Secretary – 1975-1977

New Jersey Field Directors Forum, Secretary - 1999

Field(s) of Interest/Expertise

I am committed to providing students with a most motivating, challenging, and rewarding journey into the realm of teaching.  It truly is a reciprocal journey as my students generate these responses within me as well.  In Education of the Heart, Thomas Moore writes “…education is the art of enticing the soul to emerge from its cocoon, from its coil of potentiality and its cave of hiding. Education is not the piling on of learning, information, data, facts, skills, or abilities…but is rather a making visible what is hidden as a seed.”  I am appreciative that Felician College affords me the opportunity to uncover and nurture the seed within our School of Education students.

Courses Taught at Felician University

FYE 100 - Freshman Year Experience

ECED 307 - Nurturing the Expressive Arts in Young Children

EDU 100 - Freshman Field

EDU 101 - Freshman Field

EDU 102 - Physiology, Hygiene and Nutrition

EDU 205 - Professional Assessment and Outcomes

EDU 302 - Junior Field Experience/Seminar

EDU 304 - Junior Practicum and Inquiry Based Learning

EDU 304 - Junior Practicum and Inquiry Based Learning, Elementary

EDU 400 - Senior Field Seminar

EDU 401 - School Curriculum: Social Studies

EDU 403 - Student Teaching Seminar

EDU 404 - Student Teaching Supervision

Annette Rycharski, Instructor
Office Location:
Sammartine Hall Room 5
Contact Phone:
(201) 559-3546


MS in Special Education, St. John’s University 1975
BS in Elementary Education/English Minor, St. John’s University 1977

Positions Held

Felician College - Instructor, School of Education, Certification Officer, Title II Coordinator, and Director of Field Placements (reassumed Director position as of 2011) (2004-Present)
Felician College - Supervisor of Student Teachers (2009-Present)
Felician College - Instructor, Division of Teacher Education, Director of the Post Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program (TEC), Director of Field Placements, Certification Officer, and Title II Coordinator (1993-2003)
Felician College - Assistant Director, Division of Evening and Weekend Programs (1991-1993)
Philip Morris Companies, Inc. New York - Coordinator, Corporate Contributions, Educational Grants, Scholarships, and Matching Gifts (1979-1991)
New York City Board of Education - Teacher, Grades 1 and 3 ( 1977-1979)
St. Cecilia’s Learning Disabilities Resource Center - Teacher of Leaning Disabled Students, Grades 1-8 (1977)
Shields Institute - Early Childhood Instructor, Cognitively Impaired students (1976)
St. John’s University - Graduate Assistant, Education Department (1975-1977)