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Estimated Cost of Attendance - Non-traditional Undergraduate Programs (Full-Time)

2017 - 2018

The Felician University Cost of Attendance is an estimate of a student's educational expenses for a period of enrollment.  Federal law dictates the types of expenses that can be included in a Cost of Attendance.  Regulations allow schools to set the allowances used for each type of cost and create a Cost of Attendance for different categories of students.

Non-traditional Undergraduate Programs (9 months)

Living with Parents

On-Campus Dorm

Off-campus (not with parents) and Students with Dependents

Tuition (Enrollment of 24 credits for four 8 week terms) 17,040 17,040 17,040
Room & Board (dorm)   12,630  
Estimate - Books & Supplies 1,040 1,040 1,040
Estimate - Transportation to and from School 1,780 1,100 1,780
Estimate - Living Allowance 7,000   13,000
Estimate - Miscellaneous Personal Expenses 2,260 0  
Estimate - Loan Fees 132 132 132
  29,252 31,942 32,992

Note:  The maximum amount that can be borrowed from the Federal Direct Parent (PLUS) Loans or an alternative (private) loan is the Felician University Estimated Cost of Attendance stated above minus other financial aid received.

This example would change depending on the amount of credits taken per term.  The cost per credit for undergradate non-traditional programs is $695 per credit.  The other costs would be prorated for less than full time study.