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Estimated Cost of Attendance - On-Line Graduate and On-Line Post-Master's Certificate Programs

2017 - 2018

The Felician University Cost of Attendance is an estimate of a student's educational expenses for a period of enrollment.  Federal law dictates the types of expenses that can be included in a Cost of Attendance.  Regulations allow schools to set the allowances used for each type of cost and create a Cost of Attendance for different categories of students.

On-Line Graduate and On-Line Post Master's Certificate Programs (trimester based)

Living with Parents

Off-campus (not with parents) and Students with Dependents

Tuition (Enrollment of 6 per trimester) 18,360 18,360
Estimate - Books & Supplies 780 780
Estimate - Course Fees 165 165
Estimate - Loan Fees 183 183
     TOTAL Estimated Cost of Attendance 19,488 19,488
Note:  The maximum amount that can be borrowed from the Federal Direct GradPLUS Loans or an alternative (private) loan is the Felician University Estimated Cost of Attendance stated above minus other financial aid received.