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Bachelor of Cybersecurity Degree

Felician University’s Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity majors receive a solid core of instruction in Computer Science and experience state-of-the-art instruction in a dedicated laboratory. Students have the opportunity to CNSS Logoparticipate in field experiences and club activities that give them the hands-on experience needed to succeed in their careers. They also attend and present at nationally-recognized student conferences and student competitions in computer science.

Students pursuing another major at Felician have the opportunity to earn a minor or a certificate in Cybersecurity. Students can also double major in Cybersecurity with any other discipline at the university.


The Cybersecurity curriculum is made up of a foundation of core courses in Computer Science. Students in this program take a variety of classes such as Introduction to Programming, Network Security, and Computer Architecture. View our list of required courses to learn more.

There are also opportunities to enroll in specialty courses that are offered periodically, such as Principles of Robotics, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Computer Graphics, Data Mining, Gaming, and Cloud Computing. What’s more, practically all cybersecurity courses have a hands-on laboratory component.

Many of our faculty members are Ph.D. specialists in the fields of computer science, business, security assurance, engineering, and e-learning. They have published more than 60 articles in professional journals, have certification in multiple disciplines, hold more than 20 patents, and have held positions in the professional community.

Career Opportunities

Felician students have the opportunity to participate in internships that prepare them for successful careers. In the past, students have interned with Felician’s IT and Information Systems departments.

Graduates from Felician’s Cybersecurity program have gone on to work at the FBI, U.S. Army Intelligence, and various other corporations and institutions as:
  • Network security analysts
  • IT specialists
  • Military intelligence computer specialists
  • Cryptographers


Learn more about earning your Bachelor of Cybersecurity degree at Felician!

Felician University’s Bachelor of Cybersecurity program gives students the hands-on experience needed to excel in their careers. Interested in learning more about the major? Request more information today!


Ferreira, Manuel, Ed.D.
Associate Dean, Off-Campus Programs; Assistant Professor of Mathematics
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