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Co-Chairs for Working Groups - October 2018

Standard 1: Mission and Goals
Co-Chairs: Dr. Sylvia McGeary and Patrick Weir
Work Group Members: Dr. Ann Guillory, Sharon McNulty, Dr. Fr. John O’Neill, Kathy Prieto, Yaniles Nunez, Janet Rivera

Standard 2: Ethics and Integrity
Co-Chairs: Dr. Marie Cueman, Cynthia Montalvo
Work Group Members: Dr. Sister Annelle Velivis, Jimena Buitrago, Dr. Tara Brugnoni, Jean Conlon-Yoo, Diane De Padova, Dr. Irfan Khawaja, Barbara Romano, Bianca Perez, Kaitlyn Prendergast

Standard 3: Design and Delivery of Student Learning Experience
Co-Chairs: Dr. Christine Mihal, Dr. David Turi
Work Group Members: Camille Braker-Balkum, Kimberly Burrows, Dr. Manuel Ferreira, Dr. Julie O’Connell, Yaruby Petit-Frere, Annette Rycharski, Deanna Valente, Alexis Russo-Heinick, Fenix Delarosa

Standard 4: Support of the Student Experience
Co-Chairs: Dr. Ronald Gray, Dr. Dolores Henchy
Work Group Members: Erica Anderson, Ben Dinallo, Steve Goetsch, Melissa MacAlpin, Patty McTaggart, Sister Elizabeth Morley, Shalini Patel, Diane Sedlmeir, Jacqueline Mendez

Standard 5: Educational Effectiveness Assessment
Co-Chairs: Dr. Jeffrey Blanchard, Dr. Patricia O'Brien-Barry
Work Group Members: Tiffany Austin, Patrick Dezort, Dr. Stephanie McGowan, Michael Nyklewicz, Dr. Robert Rogers, Michael Szarek, Clare Mueller, Angel Filosa

Standard 6: Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement
Co-Chairs: Tom Truchan
Work Group Members: Pamela Garvey, David Santos, Dr. Anthony Scardino, Andrew Toriello, Rani Patel

Standard 7: Governance, Leadership, and Administration
Co-Chairs: Fran Andrea, Joseph Lizza
Work Group Members: Jodi Shelly, Dr. James Smith, Ginny Topolski, Dr. Sharon Towler, Dr. Elizabeth Zweighaft, Kathleen Spinelli