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Meet Our People - Institute for Gerontology


                     Dr. Ann Guillory                                 Dr. B. Kaye Walter                                                                                                                                                                                                

Dr. Ann Guillory, Professor of Psychology, and Dr. B. Kaye Walter, Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness, were appointed co-chairs of the Institute for Gerontology in Fall 2018.

Dr. Guillory and Dr. Walter provide the vision and leadership to guide Institute development as a leading policy, research and education center focused on healthy aging with The Institute for Geronotology President's Advisory Board. In alignment with the mission of Felician University, The Institute for Gerontology carries out basic and applied social and behavioral research, and policy analysis on important aging issues, and engages in public education on aging issues, with an emphasis in four areas:  health and long-term care, social and demographic research on aging, financial planning and issues in aging. Here responsibilities include:

  • Facilitates a strong relationship between the Institute for Gerontology and the University’s graduate and undergraduate gerontology programs.
  • Works with the Offices of Academic Affairs and University Advancement to develop resources for faculty research and funded projects in aging and health. 
  • Identifies state-wide and community partners to support faculty and student research in areas of needs assessments and program evaluation for aging services throughout the region.   
  • Develops a repository to house the Institute’s policy work to foster accessible information to legislators, community organizations and the public.  
  • Provides editorial leadership for the development of publications that advances the Institute’s research and emphasis on policy and service to the aging community. 
  • Works closely with the President’s Advisory Board for the Institute for Gerontology. 

Steering Committee and Research Faculty Team Members

  • Manuel Ferreira, EdD, Associate Dean and Professor, Mathematics, Computer and Natural Sciences, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Maura DiNicola, BA, Interim Vice President of University Advancement
  • David Turi, PhD, Associate Dean and Associate Professor, School of Business
  • Kathleen Vito, PhD, PHCNS-BC, RN and Professor, Graduate Department, School of Nursing

The Steering Committee, made up of senior administrators of the University, supports the work of the Institute for Gerontology External Advisory Board. The work includes, but is not limited to, researching issues and preparing briefing reports. The University Chief Financial Officer is available to provide budgetary information related to the operation of the Institute for Gerontology as requested. Institute for Gerontology Board recommendations are prepared as Advisory Reports to the President.

steering committe and research faculty