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Barbara J. Toscano Nursing Resource and Simulation Center

The Barbara J. Toscano Nursing Resource and Simulation Center occupies 11,000 square feet in the Education Commons building on the Rutherford campus. The Center mirrors a hospital setting with equipment such as hospital beds, a Pyxis system used when administering medication, and Workstations on Wheels used to teach students how to document in an electronic medical record. Additionally, A/V equipment, cameras, and microphones are used with simulations.

High fidelity Patient Care Simulators are used to provide students with a realistic patient experience. These manikins have heart, lung, and abdominal sounds that allow novice and experienced nurses to practice, develop skills, and achieve competency in a lab setting. All of these educational technologies promote active learning and assist the faculty in transitioning students towards their professional role as safe, competent nurses.

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