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Faculty - School of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Mara Zukowski

Associate Dean
Humanities Area


Prof. Ard Berge
Prof. Melissa MacAlpin
Prof. Michael Nyklewicz


Dr. Kristen Abbey
Dr. Jeffery Blanchard
Dr. Peter Craft
Dr. Robert McParland
Dr. Julie O’Connell
Dr. Sherida Yoder


Prof. Terry McAteer


Dr. Barbara Gordon


Dr. George Abaunza
Dr. Irfan Khawaja
Dr. Lavina Sequeira

Religious Studies

Dr. Richard McGarry
Fr. John O’Neill
Dr. Mara Zukowski
Dr. William Mascitello

Master of Arts in Religious Education

Dr. William Mascitello

Dr. Manuel Ferreira
Associate Dean
Mathematics, Computer, and Natural Sciences Area

Computer Science and Cybersecurity

Prof. Carol Manigault
Dr. Sofya Poger
Dr. Songmei Yu
Dr. Mazdak Zamani


Dr. Manuel Ferreira
Prof. Carol Manigault
Prof. Ghassan Nazi
Dr. Michael Sanford

Natural Sciences

Dr. Alfredo Castro
Dr. Balwant Chohan
Dr. Gaby Fahmy
Sr. Honorata Grzeszczuk
Dr. Robert Rogers
Dr. Marylynn Snyder
Dr. Patrick Weir
Dr. Kemal Yariz

Exercise Sports Science

Dr. Melisa Salsali

Dr. Manuel Ferreira
Associate Dean
Social and Behavioral Sciences Area

Criminal Justice

Prof. Theresa Fanelli
Dr. Gina Robertiello


Dr. Maria Vecchio


Prof. Amy Dombach
Dr. Dennis DeCicco
Dr. Awilda Perez-Lane

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Sasha Sinkowsky

Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

Dr. Ann Guillory
Dr. Melany Rivera-Maldonado
Dr. James Smith

Doctor of Counseling Psychology

Dr. Michael Lau
Dr. Daniel Mahoney
Dr. Rachel Rengifo