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Business Analytics Requirements

Faith and Reason
100/200 - Faith and Reasoning
300/400 - Faith and Reasoning
Ethics, Values and Truth
BUS300 - Business Ethics in the Corporate Environment
Communication and Expression
ENG101 - Strategies in Research and Rhetoric I
Communications and Expression Course (students have a selection)
Critical & Analytical Thinking
(students have a selection)
Information Literacy
LS100 - The Architecture of Information
ENG102 - Strategies in Research and Rhetoric II&
Technology Acumen
CS140 - Management Information Systems*
Quantitative and Scientific Reasoning
MATH161 - Precalculus*
Lab Science (students have a selection)

Global Consciousness
ECON200 Macroeconomics

Liberal Arts Concentration
MATH262 - Calculus I*
MATH122 - Statistics I*
CS201 - Programming Logic and Design
Freshman Year Experience

Business Core

MKT100 - Fundamentals of Marketing  
MGT100 - Fundamentals of Management
ACC100 - Principles of Financial Accounting I
MATH263 - Calculus II
ACC200 - Managerial Accounting
ECON220 - Microeconomics
MGT410 - International Business
BUS310 - Business Law I
FIN300 - Corporate Finance
BUS341 - Introduction to Research and Analysis
MGT490 - Business Policy
BUS499 - Business Capstone

Major Requirements

MATH323 - Statistics II
MGT300 - Organizational Behavior
MGT340 - Project and Program Management
~ or ~
MGT440 - Production and Operations Management
MGT450 - Leadership and Strategy
MGT499 - Selected Topics in Contemporary Business**
MKT410 Marketing Research
MKT420 Product Management
CS360 Database Management Systems
CS380 Data Structures and Algorithms
CS400 Computer Systems Analysis and Logical Design
CS430 Introduction to Big Data and Data Mining

Please note: Course offerings are subject to change.

*  Required for BS in Business Analytics degree
** Business Analytics Simulation