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Strategic Plan 2014-2019

At the core of Felician University’s current strategic plan are five principles that set priorities and give direction to the important opportunities and challenges Felician is addressing.  

The following three priorities were chosen as institutional priorities for the self-study and the linkages between these three priorities and the Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation will be noted during the self-study process:

  1. We will graduate students with competence, character and compassion, to be global citizens of leadership and service through innovative and interdisciplinary programs and services.  A successful student is one who understands him or herself to be engaged in an educational process that focuses both the student and the Felician community on a path to success. Success is measured by several factors, most significantly, student engagement – intersection of student activities, academic and social, and the University’s support systems.
  2. We will embody the values of our Felician Franciscan heritage as stewards of our assets and property within the framework of our institutional advancement efforts and our fiscal sustainability.  Diversity, technology, students, alumni, faculty, international collaborations and identification of new markets all work together to advance the mission of educating future students of the world. Over the next five years, fiscal sustainability, institutional advancement and deliberate and careful planning will give us the foundation we need to continue acting as good stewards of our assets and property.
  3. We will assure institutional effectiveness through innovative organizational policies and practices.  Felician is committed to the effective evaluation of its educational programs, its academic and administrative support services, and the use of assessment results for continuous improvement. We will develop a comprehensive communication plan, cultivate current and new advisory boards, employ shared governance initiatives and ensure compliance with all outside agencies and internal compliance requirements.

Please click on the link below to access the Felician University Strategic Plan: