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Education Programs

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  • Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education (K-6)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education (K-6) and Early Childhood (P-3)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education (K-6) and Content Area Specialization (5-8)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education (K-6) and Teacher of Students with Disabilities
  • Bachelor of Arts in K-12 Language Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts in K-12 Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Arts in K-12 Biology
  • Bachelor of Arts in K-12 Earth Science
  • Bachelor of Arts in K-12 Social Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in K-12 Visual Arts

*All School of Education undergraduate students must additionally fulfill the requirements of a co-major in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art or music.

Points of Interest

  • Complete six field internships before you student teach (each 10 weeks or 12 weeks) totaling 360 hours in real classrooms.  In each of these six semesters, you will spend one full day each week (Tuesday) in your internship school:
  • Freshman Year - Catholic school placement
  • Sophomore Year - Special Education placement (one semester) and an urban placement (one semester)
  • Junior & Senior Years - Placements at the level/area of your chosen specialization
  • Students are involved with tutoring in local schools, some as volunteers and some receive work/study funding.
  • Praxis review sessions are held each semester to help students prepare for these challenging exams, which lead to teaching certification.  An eight-week online Praxis prep course is also required.
  • Several students have been named as New Jersey Distinguished Student Teachers, most recently, one student in June 2012, one student in June 2013, and one student in June 2014.
  • Very active Teacher Education Club sponsors several service activities each semester that benefit the University and/or the local community.
  • Award-winning chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education, which sponsors professional development activities each semester that benefit the University, the School of Education, and/or the local community.  The local chapter is a supporter of the KDP National Literacy Alive initiative.

Required Courses

Career Opportunities


With a Bachelor of Arts in Education (elementary or secondary) you may pursue a career as:

  • A regular K-12 classroom teacher in the grades that you are certified to teach
  • A special education teacher of a self-contained, inclusive, or resource room based on the provisions of your elementary or secondary certification
  • A private tutor
  • A consultant
  • A speaker on educational issues
  • An education trainer for a corporation

Recent Internships

Through field placements, our students experience a variety of educational settings in New Jersey schools.


Education Faculty Experience

Full-time faculty members of the School of Education have doctorates and/or extensive experience in their areas of expertise.  These areas include: 

  • Chief School Administrator, Superintendent of Schools
  • Principal
  • Supervisor
  • Student Personnel Services/Special Education
  • Teacher of Students with Disabilities
  • K-12 Reading/Literacy Specialist
  • Teacher of English as a Second Language
  • K-6 Elementary Teacher
  • Pre-K – 3 Early Childhood Teacher
  • K-12 Teacher of Social Studies

Program Contact Information

School of Education
Associate Dean Undergraduate Programs
Sammartino Hall, First Floor
Email | 201.559.3538