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Online and Hybrid Learning

Online Degrees and Certificates

Types of Online Courses

  • eCompanion - is a learning aid to an on-ground course but the entire course is taught face to face.
  • Hybrid Course - is taught both on-ground and online. There is a technology fee for hybrid courses.
  • eCourse – is fully online, Undergraduate eCourses require an on-ground proctored final exam. There is a technology fee for fully online courses.
  1. If you are registered and have no financial or health holds the Datatel system will automatically enroll you into eCollege. You gain access within 24 hours of your official registration.
  2. Check your WebAdvisor account for the courses for which you are officially registered.
  3. Check your Felician email account for your logon instructions to eCollege.
  4. Students cannot be added to a fully online course after the first day the course begins.
  5. Students cannot be added to a hybrid or eCompanion after the add/drop period.
  6. Cohort students contact your Program Coordinator directly for registration issues.

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