Felician College Graduates Ranked Among Top Earners

Graduates of Felician College, the Franciscan College of New Jersey, get better-paying jobs than those who hold a diploma from Harvard University, according to a report by ABC News.

The report includes the latest data released by PayScale, which tracks college graduates’ employment statistics and other higher education information.

Felician College ranks ninth, with a median starting salary of $58,700. The latest crop of Harvard grads will earn $54,100, according to the research.

“The mission of Felician College is to develop competence, character, and compassion within a liberal arts education,” said Dr. Anne Prisco, President of Felician College. “Evidently, based on this recent study of earnings, what we believe and what we are instilling in our students is valued by employers in New Jersey and beyond.”

A bonus for Felician grads: its tuition and fees are $29,400, considerably less than Harvard’s $40,866. Cost figures are according to U.S. News’ annual college ranking, which listed Felician as one of the top Best Northern Colleges in 2011.

Among the schools surveyed were private for-profit and non-profit, liberal arts, state, and engineering and technical schools. For full story, visit http://abcnews.go.com/Business.