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Make Your Summer Count

Traditional undergraduate students registered for a minimum of six credits, in a traditional summer term, may be eligible for a 50% discount on tuition.

The 50% discount applies to tuition; fees are the responsibility of the student.  Students must register for a minimum of six credits in order to be eligible and the discount applies to the course of lesser value (if applicable).  Students must pay their balance in-full in order to be eligible for the discount.

The 50% discount cannot be combined with any other discounted tuition rates.  Tuition refunds for dropped courses will be at the discounted rate for the first course dropped and full price for the second course dropped.  Please refer to the Tuition Refund Policy above for refund percentages and dates.

Summer Aid

Financial aid for the summer term is generally limited to Federal Pell Grant, Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized Direct Loans, Federal Parent Loan (Plus), and private loans. Students who have not received the maximum federal grant or loan funds for which they qualify may submit the Summer Aid Request Form to the Financial Aid Office for processing.

2015 Spring and Summer Course Schedule