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Study Abroad

Student in front of Lodi campus library

The Office of Study Abroad is delighted that you are exploring this important academic and experiential program at Felician University. Study abroad helps students bridge cultural divides, creating a space where people from different countries can engage one another and gain an appreciation of global issues and academic content. A liberal arts education is enhanced when students immerse themselves in the give and take of an unfamiliar cross-cultural environment – a place where intercultural exchanges mold tomorrow’s leaders.

Study abroad has also been found to help students find their first job out of university faster and with higher starting salaries (See IES Employment Study).

Felician University students can study in just about any country they wish and the Office of Study Abroad is here to assist you throughout the process. For an appointment to discuss your interests in education abroad, call the Director, Carlo Colecchia, at 201-559-3042, or visit the Office of Study Abroad on the Rutherford Campus located on the first floor of Martin Hall, across from the commuter Lounge.

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