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Obtaining Your SEVIS I-20

A student must be academically admitted to Felician University before being issued a form I-20.  If you have not applied to Felician University yet, you must follow the requirements for applying as an Undergraduate, Graduate, Exchange or ESL student, which can be found under International Student Admissions.

Documents Needed to Apply for an I-20

  1. Acceptance letter from University
    • This will be forwarded to the Office of International Programs from the Admissions office
  2. Proof of financial support: All documents must be in English, less than 2 months old, and may be sent to OIP via fax, e-mail, or mail. Acceptable documents include:
    • Personal Funds in the form of a bank or deposit statement
    • School Funds: This can include any academic scholarship, athletic scholarship, or grant awarded by Felician
    • Sponsor: This can include any family member, friends, government, company, or outside organization that will be sponsoring payment of your education.  Your sponsor must show  Proof of Liquid Funds, which can include any of the following:
      • Bank statement in the name of the sponsor
        A monthly statement with an account balance indicating the type of currency.  If another person’s name appears on your bank statement, that person must complete a separate agreement of support.
      • Investments (i.e. stocks, mutual funds) that are easily accessible
      • Proof of university loan
      • Letter of financial guarantee from government or sponsoring organization
      • Company Sponsor
        Original letter on company letterhead stating annual support from the company.  This must be accompanied by a bank statement from the company.
  3. Agreement of SupportThis form should be signed by your sponsor (if any.)  If there is more than one sponsor, a separate form must be completed and signed by each one.
  4. Passport information page copy

All documents above should be emailed, faxed, or mailed to the Office of International Programs:

Felician University
Office of International Programs
One Felician Way
Rutherford, NJ 07070
Tel: 201-559-3518
Fax: 201-355-1443

Application Deadlines

Fall (August) SemesterJuly 1
Spring (January) SemesterDecember 1
ACES Program4 weeks prior to desired start date

2014 Estimated Expenses For I-20 Issuance

International students who wish to study at Felician University and need to obtain a Form I-20 must provide proof of financial certification for the first year of study, as follows:

Undergraduate Students

Medical Insurance**$1183
Room & Board***$11,650
* Based on 12-18 credits per semester
**Refundable upon proof of coverage
***Based on double occupancy  

Graduate Students

Medical Insurance**$1183
Room & Board***$11,650
* Based on 18 credits per year
**Refundable upon proof of coverage
***Based on double occupancy  

ACES ESL Students Effective September 2014

Based on 4 weeks of study
Tuition (includes fees)$1295
Medical Insurance$60

Required amount of I-20 issuance for ACES program, based on 4 months of study: $9,960

*Based on a monthly basis and double occupancy
**Estimate.  A meal plan is not provided to ESL students, however, students can put money on t their card to purchase food on campus.

Applying For Your VISA

After you receive your I-20, you should:

We suggest you take the following with you to your visa interview:

  • A passport valid for at least six months into the future
  • Form I-20
  • School admission letter
  • Completed visa application(s) (DS-156, DS-158, and, if applicable, DS-157)
  • Two 2”x 2” photographs in the prescribed format (see
  • SEVIS fee receipt
  • Visa application fee receipt
  • Financial evidence that shows you have sufficient funds to cover your tuition and living expenses during the period you intend to study.
  • Any information that proves that you will return to your home country after finishing your studies in the U.S. This may include proof of property or business ownership, a job offer in your home country, and other “convincing ties” to your family and country.

For more information about the visa interview and what you can do to prepare for it, please read our Important Visa and Travel Information document, which you will also receive when we send you your I-20.