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ACES Levels

The ACES program offers students 4 levels of difficulty, each consisting of 16 weeks of instruction. This allows students to make the progression from Basic to Advanced in 16 months. Students are given a placement exam upon arrival to determine which level they fit into.

Basic (Level 1):

Students gain confidence in the new language by building vocabulary and learning basic grammar and writing skills.

Intermediate (Level 2):

Students begin to explore more complex grammar and vocabulary. Students are introduced to academic topics and language to begin their adjustment to American College life.

High Intermediate (Level 3):

Students are exposed to academic English and start preparing for college entrance. The focus is on language acquisition while introducing students to the themes they will encounter when they begin college classes.

Advanced (Level 4):

Students learn higher level reading, grammar and writing skills. They are expected to speak with a high level of fluency and are exposed to more challenging vocabulary and texts with very few adaptations.