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Faculty Accomplishments

School of Arts and Sciences

Dr. George Abaunza, DeanDr. George Abaunza

  • Attended the Celebración de Excelencia and Accelerating Latino Student Success (ALASS) Workshops in Washington D.C.
  • Kicked off the Cyber-Science Saturday Camps for underserved students who are also underrepresented in STEM fields (along with Dr. Ferreira and colleagues in BIO, CS, and MATH Departments, Arts and Sciences). The $10,000 grant is provided by AT&T. Each camp provides instruction and hands-on learning experiences within STEM fields for high school students.

Computer Science

Drs. Sofya Poger, Songmei Yu and Professor Carol Manigault

  • Presented a workshop on Computer Programming and Encryption to students from JFK High School in Paterson, NJ in the six-week Cyber/Science Camp.

EnglishDr. Robert McParland

Dr. Robert McParland

  • Published Citizen Steinbeck: Giving Voice to the People. Rowman and Littlefield, 2016. His recent book Beyond Gatsby received enthusiastic reviews in The F. Scott Fitzgerald Journal, Popular Culture Studies, and Library Journal.
  • Published the following articles:
    • “Coppola’s Conrad: Apocalypse Now and Questions of Value,” Cinematic: Pennsylvania Literary Journal, Fall 2016.
    • “In Praise of Heroes,” Popular Culture Studies, Midwest Popular Culture Association Journal.
    • “To the Sea and Sand: Quadrophenia - An Interpretation,” in The Who and Philosophy. ed. Rocco Gennaro and Casey Harison. Lexington Books, 2016.
    • “Hemingway, Embellished Stories, and Agent Orange: Recalling Vietnam for Future Generations,” Vietnow (2015) was reprinted online.
  • Presented on John Steinbeck in a pre-election forum with Drs. Carl Lane and Irfan Khawaja, sponsored by the School of Arts and Sciences and the Felician Institute for Ethics and Public Affairs.

Dr. Julie O’Connell

Presented a paper entitled "Scaffolding Close Reading in the Developmental English Classroom" at the Fifteenth Claflin University Conference on Contemporary English and Language Arts Pedagogy in Secondary and Postsecondary Institutions in Orangeburg, South Carolina. The paper has been accepted for publication in Volume Two of the Visionary Pedagogy Series: Facilitating the Transformation of the 21st Century Leader (Editors Donald Pardlow, Claflin University; Mary Alice Trent, Indiana Wesleyan University; and Peggy Ratliff, Claflin University).

Criminal Justice

Dr. Gina Robertiello

  • Dr. Robertiello’s The Use and Abuse of Police Power in America will be published in May of 2017.
  • Participated in the following activities:
    • Revel, Production Development Interview. One hour interview with Product Marketer from REVEL to review regarding how Revel can be improved.
    • WebEx Reviewer, Cengage Learning. Identified core concepts to be covered in course, at attended a 90 minute WebEx walk through of the new activities being developed. Discussion and feedback session, then a contribution of activity ideas for 3 core concepts on the topic of Deviance.
    • Membership in Leadership and Social Justice Committee Group meets to set up presentations from members of the law enforcement and legal community to educated students and the public about police-citizen relationships.


Dr. Carl LaneDr. Carl Lane

  • Published Understanding the National Debt: What Every American Needs to Know, which, together with Dr. McParland’s new book on Steinbeck, was the subject of a forum at Felician about citizenship on October 31.
  • Dr. Lane’s letter to the editor of The New York Times responding to an October 22 OpEd piece by Paul Volcker and Peter Peterson (“Ignoring the National Debt’) was published in the November 3 issue.

Dr. Marylin Kravatz-ToolanDr. Marylin Kravatz-Toolan

  • Presented “Mary Magdalene: The Apostle to the Apostles” at the Church of the Presentation, Upper Saddle River, NJ.
  • Presented a workshop titled “Handing on the Faith to Our Young Disciples: An Invitation to Partnership in Life-Giving Catechesis” at the Archdiocese of Newark’s Catechetical Convocation for catechists.
  • Presented “Handing on the Faith in the 21st Century” for the Archdiocese of Newark’s Gathering Event for Parish Catechetical Leaders. .
  • Facilitated the e-Certification Course for six Felician Faculty in late Spring, 2016.

Masters in Counseling Psychology

Dr. James SmithDr. Jim Smith

  • Published online research article, “Do military veteran and civilian students function differently in college?” coauthored with Dr. Ruvanee P. Vilhauer and Vanessa Chafos, M.A., Journal of American College Health.  Print version to follow.
  • Attended the Annual Interfaith Conference for Peace at Princeton University, November 12, 2016. He has also become a member of the Coalition for Peace Action's Peace Education Committee.


Dr. Michael Sanford

Spent this semester making a series of videos for his MATH-122: Statistics class, which consist of examples from class and are intended as a supplement to usual classroom presentations. Videos are produced in the Library's video lab located in the Education Commons where they are both filmed and edited.

Professor Ghassan Nazi

Presented a workshop on Java Script and Animation to students from JFK High School in Paterson, NJ in the six-week Cyber/Science Camp.


Dr. Barbara GordonDr. Barbara Gordon

  • Conducted the University Choir at its annual Christmas Concert in the Immaculate Conception Chapel.
  • Attended the annual Voice Foundation Symposium in Philadelphia.

Natural Sciences

Dr. Patrick WeirDr. Patrick Weir

Review titled: “The Ecology of Zymomonas: A Review” has been published in Folia Microbiologica.

Dr. Marylynn Snyder

Presented a workshop on DNA Extraction to students from JFK High School in Paterson, NJ in the six-week Cyber/Science Camp.


Dr. Irfan KhawajaDr. Irfan Khawaja

The following presentations were part of the fall Race and Criminal Justice in America Series, sponsored by the Committee for Leadership and Social Justice:
  • “Racial Profiling in Bloomfield? A Discussion” with Seton Hall University Law School Professor Mark Denbeaux.
  • “Police Stops: What Are Your Rights? What Should You Do?” with Maria Lopez-Delgado (Felician alumna and New Jersey Office of the Public Defender), and John E. Link (Felician Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice and former Chief of Police, Clifton, New Jersey).
  • “Community Policing in Rutherford,” with John Russo (Chief of Police, Rutherford, New Jersey) and Gurbir Grewal (Bergen County Prosecutor).

Religious Studies

Dr. Mara Kelly-ZukowskiMara Kelly-Zukowski

  • Attended the 17th annual Fanya Gottesfeld Hiller Conference for Educators at the Museum of Jewish History, NYC.
  • Participated in all day workshop on “Critical Life Issues” at the Diocese of Metuchen.

Dr. Sylvia McGeary

  • Collaborated with Dr. David Turi for a Poster Presentation at AFCU Conference: “Fostering a Community of Imagination in a Mission-based Liberal Arts Institution: The Development of Leaders within a Professional School” at Marian University.
    • Dr. McGeary participated in Panel Discussion at AFCU Conference - “Assessment in General Education: Faculty Panel” at Marian University, where faculty from AFCU institutions offered multiple perspectives on assessing student learning in general education emphasizing faith and reason.
    • Presented to the June meeting of Felician University Board of Trustees with Dr. David Turi – “Fostering a Community of Imagination in a Mission-Based Liberal Arts Institution: The Development of Leaders within a Professional School.”
  • Presented an all-day catechetical workshop for catechists and Catholic School Teachers sponsored by the Newark Archdiocese – "Spotlight on Faith: The Creed."
  • Felician Services Inc. Presentation in Chicago, IL – “Mission Integration: The Prophetic Voice for the Future of Felician Ministries.” Mission Leader Forum XII.

Deacon Richard McGarry

  • Participated in a workshop on “Non Violent Communications, Responsive Living” at St Peter's University. Program was facilitated by Michael Lynch, SJ and Christine Flaherty. Focus was on enriched conversation skills based on the need to listen with openness, curiosity, and human connection for all people.
  • Participated on the life and example of Daniel Berrigan, SJ. Program included a lecture by Anna Brown, Ph.D. (chair of Political Science Dept. at St. Peter's University, Jersey City). Topics included the need to act as a peacemaker drawing upon the example (faith and spirituality) of Father Berrigan.

Father John O’NeillFr. John O'Neill

  • Published an article in The Dunwoodie Review entitled, “Secular Institutes: A Spirituality for a ‘Post-modern Age' and `Secular Humanistic' World.” Sections from this article were sent out from the U.S. C.C. and Canadian Conference of Secular Institutes to their respective members for discussion.
  • Currently teaches a graduate course for seminarians, deacon candidates and lay students at St. Joseph’s Seminary in “Fundamental Theology” in preparation for the M/Div. and M.A. degrees.
  • Submitted an article to The Dunwoodie Review concerning the theology of the diaconate entitled, “A Reflection on the Meaning of ‘at a Lower Level of the Hierarchy’.”

School of Business

Drs. David Turi and Sylvia McGeary

Presented at the Association of Franciscan Colleges and Universities Conference at Marian University, Indianapolis Indiana. The title of the presentation was “Fostering a Community of Imagination in a Mission-based Liberal Arts Institution: The Development of Leaders within a Professional School.”

Michael OmanskyMichael Omansky

Published Marketing Explained: So Simple Even a CEO Can Understand It.

John Zanetich

Presented “A Constructionist View of Projects, Social Media and Tacit Knowledge in a College Classroom” at the 18th International Conference on Innovative Learning Methods and Technologies in Havana, Cuba. John Zanetich also served as session chair at this conference.

School of Education

New Program

A committee on Early Childhood Education, Dr. Rudnitski, Professors Michelle Brown-Grant, Mary Ann Joyce, and Associate Dean Karen Pezzolla developed a stand-alone Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education. In addition to the Bachelor of Arts, the program leads to the New Jersey Certificate of Advanced Standing (CEAS) as a teacher of children in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3.


  • Dr. Rudnitski and Michael Szarek established partnerships between the Garfield and Lodi school districts and the Felician University School of Education this fall. The Garfield partnership agreement was approved by their Board of Education in November.
  • Felician faculty, Annette Rycharski, Josh Bornstein, Karen Pezzolla, Mary Ann Joyce, Michelle Brown-Grant and Michelle Anderson, offer professional development workshops for teachers, who earn continuing education hours. Teachers from all over the State register for these workshops.

Faculty Professional Development Activities

Drs. Rudnitski, Michelle Anderson, and Professor Karen Pezzolla attended the CAEP accreditation conference in Washington DC in October.

Professor Pezzolla and Dr. Anderson conducted a two-day professional development session in the content areas of English Language Arts and Social Studies for teachers in the Diocese of Paterson.

Dr. Anderson was recently voted on to the Board of Trustees for the Montclair Historical Society and will be assisting with their education program.

Professor Karen PezzollaMichelle Anderson

  • Presented at The Most Blessed Sacrament on providing professional development to teachers in grades K-6 on running record performance assessment in reading and administering the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA).
  • Presented a workshop on running records to St. Patrick’s Elementary School in November.

Dr. Maureen Murphy-RuoccoDr. Maureen Murphy-Ruocco

  • Developed an Interprofessional Partnership Model for the early detection of ophthalmic issues in school-aged children. This model creates a collaborative partnership between classroom teachers, reading specialists, school nurses and ophthalmologists and/or optometrists to improve the health, well-being, and academic success of students enrolled in K-12 schools.
  • Attended the United Nations briefing on “Transformative Power of Early Childhood Development Action in Migration and Refugee Situations,” hosted by the Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC) and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).
  • Attended the United Nations briefing on the “Global Compact on Migration: Actions to Address Trafficking in Persons.”

Institutional Assessment and Student Academic Success

Dr. Dolores Henchy, DeanDr. Maureen Murphy-Ruocco

  • Participated in the training and set-up of – our online tutoring service for students in off-site programs and in fully online programs.
  • Participated in NACADA’s four-week e-course – “Understanding the Nature of Students’ Undecidedness.”

School of Nursing

Dr. Muriel M. Shore, Professor and DeanDr. Muriel M. Shore

  • Dr. Shore was honored by the Seton Hall University College of Nursing Alumni Association with the inaugural George Hebert Leadership Award at the Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange.
  • The New Jersey State Nurses Association placed Dr. Shore’s name on the NJSNA Roll of Honor at a ceremony in Atlantic City for her many years of dedicated service to NJSNA, and for positively impacting the course of professional nursing in New Jersey and nationally.

Institute for Gerontology

The Institute for Gerontology Research Team (Drs. Muriel Shore, Dee Campbell, Manual Ferreira, David Turi and Kathleen Vito), completed the research study on “Aging Expectations, Attitudes and Perceptions of Felician University Students.” The research project was accepted for a 60 minute presentation at the American Society of Aging Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

Toscano Nursing Resource and Simulation Center

Dr. Frances F. Mal, Associate Dean and DirectorDr. Frances F. Mal

  • Presented “The affects Hydrocephalus poses on a Family” at the 6th Annual Pediatric Hydrocephalous Foundation advocacy day at Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.
  • Attended the 4th Annual SimWars competition event. This is a yearly event where participants from all of the Barnabas Health Care System hospitals compete on the management of a patient during a simulation experience. This is an InterProfessional event in which nurses, physicians, and allied health members participate.

Jean Ann DiNiro, Assistant Director and Instructor

Attended the NJ Consortium of Sigma Theta Tau International Chapter’s Annual Founder’s Day Dinner. The keynote speaker, Dr. Wendy Budin, spoke on “Addressing Nurse Bullying in the workplace: Personal and Professional Consequences.”

Mary Clare Smith, Staff Nurse and Instructor

Attended the Certified Health Care Educator Readiness Review Course of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Fast Track RN/BSN Program

Daria Waszak, Instructor

  • Contributed Chapter 14 - “Forensic Examination of the Sexual Assault Suspect,” in Sexual Assault Victimization Across the Life Span, 2nd Ed, Vol 1: Investigation, Diagnosis, and the Multidisciplinary Team. Florissant, MO: STM Learning.
  • Authored a NJ Nurse article in the July 2016 issue - “Experienced RNs Conquer Obstacles and Pursue BSN with Felician University.”
  • Received two scholarships toward her last year of doctoral study: The Margaret M. Dick Quasi-Endowed Scholarship in the School of Nursing, University of Pittsburgh and The Enid Goldberg Award, Sigma Theta Tau Eta Chapter, 2016.

Dr. Helena Correia, Instructor

Presented her poster titled “The Relationship Between Perceptions of High Fidelity Simulation and Perceptions of Clinical Reasoning in Senior BSN Students” for the 2016 New Jersey State Nurses/Institute for Nursing Annual Convention.

Prof. Christine Lawrence, Instructor

Attended the 22nd Annual Nursing Research Conference at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. This conference focused on the link between evidence-based practice, nursing research and strategies to improve patient outcomes in areas such as pressure ulcers, patient safety and prevention of hospital-acquired infections.

Professor Theresa McNamee, Instructor

Attended the 2016 NLN Education Summit: Beyond Boundaries presented by the National League of Nursing, held in Orlando, Florida in September 2016. She also attended the Legal Aspects and Ethical Consideration for Nurse Educators Conference at Overlook Medical Center in Summit, NJ on 11/4/16. This conference was offered by provided by Consortium of New Jersey Nurse Educators (CNJNE) and New Jersey Society for Healthcare Education and Training (SHET/NJ).

Dr. Arlene Farmer, Associate Professor

Attended the New Jersey State Nurses Association Convention in Atlantic City, NJ on 10/12/16.

Department of Prelicensure Nursing

Dr. Sara Thompson, Assistant Professor

Attended the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting “Creating the Healthiest Nation: Ensuring the Right to Health,” in Denver, CO.

Professor Susan Schwade, Assistant Professor

Attended the New Jersey Society for Healthcare Education and Training and Consortium of New Jersey Nurse Educators conference on Legal and Ethical Implications for Nurse Educators in Hospital and Academic Set.

Professor Patricia Munno and Instructor Kimberly Burrows

Professor Munno and Burrows presented a two hour in-service on "Respiratory Issues in the Pediatric School Age Population" on October 17, 2016 for the City of Elizabeth, NJ. This presentation was attended by 75 school nurses as part of their recertification on Pediatric Respiratory Issues.

Department of Graduate Nursing

Dr. Dee Campbell, Professor

Dr. Campbell’s manuscript has been accepted for publication in JOGN a peer review journal. Dr. Campbell also presented at the “Utilizing Evidence to Change Practice Research” Conference at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in October.

Dr. Marie Cueman, Associate Professor

Presented at the “Utilizing Evidence to Change Practice Research” Conference at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in October. Dr. Cueman has also been accepted to present a poster at the AACN Doctoral Conference January in California.

Dr. Kathleen Fagan, Associate Professor

Presented at the “Utilizing Evidence to Change Practice Research” Conference at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in October.

Dr. Patricia O’Brien-Barry, Professor

  • Presented at the “Utilizing Evidence to Change Practice Research” Conference at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in October.
  • Served as an abstract reviewer for the Eastern Nursing Research Society’s upcoming 29th Annual Scientific Sessions.

Dr. Ann Tritak, Professor and Associate Dean

  • Served as Team Leader for a CCNE evaluation visit for a program on the west coast in October.
  • Invited to the CCNE Team Leaders Workshop being held in Orlando, FL in January.

Dr. Kathleen Vito, Professor

Presented at the “Utilizing Evidence to Change Practice Research” Conference at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in October. Dr. Vito was accepted, with Dr. Cueman, to present a poster at the AACN Doctoral Conference January in California.

Global Academic Initiatives

Dr. Mary E. Norton – Professor and Executive DirectorDr. Mary Norton

  • Helped negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding with RASIT and Her Royal Highness Dr. Princess Nisreen El Hashemite.  RASIT will have offices on the Rutherford Campus in San Martino Hall.
  • Member of the science faculty is proposing a collaborative research project with Her Royal Highness.  Her Royal Highness has both PhD and MD academic preparation.
  • Serves as Official Representative of Felician University NGO to the United Nations
  • 66th Annual United Nations Conference Department of Public Information/Non-Governmental Organizations – “Education for Global Citizenship.” Gyeongju, Republic of Korea. Planning Committee
  • Presented paper titled: “Learning from the Past: Lessons for Global Citizenship.”
  • Co-Chair Experts Committee on “Education for Global Citizenship.” Committee Outcome document – “Education for Global Citizenship: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Together” Gyeongju, Republic of Korea.  The document has been accepted by the United Nations General Assembly and the official number is A/70/980.
  • Co-Chair Workshop Committee
  • Appointed to TASK Force working with the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to establish a “Day for Education – To Foster Global Citizenship” on the United Nations calendar.
  • Member UN Higher Education Faculty Consortium United Nations Fellows – UN Presentation.
  • United Nations Fellow - Chohee Bae presented a paper as part of Felician University presentation during the 66th Annual United Nations Conference in the Republic of Korea.  Chohee also served as a member of the Conference Workshop Committee. 
  • Peer Reviewer - Fulbright Applications - Specialized Roster
  • Presentation - 39th Annual Fulbright Conference, Washington, DC, Title: 70 Years Meeting - World Challenges Through Collaborative Engagement: The United Nations - The Fulbright Program
  • Podium Presentation - American Association of Colleges of Nursing: Fostering Global Citizenship in Nursing Education: The Role of the United Nations. Anaheim, California.

Professional/Community Actives

  • Future of Nursing Global Advisory Panel - emeritus - Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing.
  • Board of Trustees - Queen of Peace High School - Vice Chair.
  • Chair of the Academic Committee.
  • Board member Serra International District 22 - President Bergen County Chapter.