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JumpStart Program

The JumpStart Pre-University Program helps accepted students who are underprepared for university academics. This five week intensive basic skills program exposes students to the academic and study skills necessary to be successful in higher education. Students may be mandated to participate in the program based on their university admission status. Students who have placed into development courses as a result of their Accuplacer testing may register for the program. Students who may want to hone their skills in writing, reading comprehension, and math may enroll for the program as well.

The JumpStart Program begins the last week of June and concludes at the end of the last week of July. Classes are scheduled Monday through Thursday each week from 8:45 AM to 1:45 PM. There are two classes scheduled each day – Math and English/Reading. At the conclusion of the program, students retake the Accuplacer testing. Students who may have originally tested into developmental courses may test into university level courses at the conclusion of the program. At the conclusion of the JumpStart Program, students will be re-registered based on the newest Accuplacer results.